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Indigo peninsula
Indigo - 1" thick
Full kitchen plus raised upper
bar.  4" butt splash and 6"
Sage Green - 3/4" thick
Bathroom vanity
Sage Green - 1-1/4" thick
Tub deck and two vanities, plus full
window wrap in 1/2" thick
Slate Black - 1-1/2" Thick
Cornered under mount sink, angled
corners, 6" back splash
Baguette - 1-1/2" thick
Kitchen in old Truckee - edge detail
matches crown moulding detail.  
Notice the cutting board; two are
provided with every kitchen at no
additional charge.
Indigo - 1-1/2" thick
Bowed front peninsula, bow front edge detail, under mount sink.
 Full wrap of windows using 1/2" thick material.  4" butt splash.
Merlot - 1-1/2" Thick
Kitchen sink run
Merlot - 1-1/2" Thick
Laundry top
Merlot - 1" Thick
Public bathroom - Cedar House
Sport Hotel
Indigo - 3/4" + 3/4"
Kitchen, island and back splash
Indigo - 3/4" + 3/4"
Sewing room tops
Slate Black - 1" Thick
Contoured under mount
sink, custom drain board
Merlot - 1" Thick
Kitchen with custom box
built to hide plumbing for
faucet to farm house sink
Merlot - 1" Thick
Kitchen with custom box built to hide
plumbing for farm house sink
when you choose Richlite,
a laminated paper product,
The options are endless
as your kitchen or bath
counter top.  It has been
manufactured since the
1950's, so it has been
proven to be durable,
stain-resistant, water proof
and a true "green"
product.  Richlite will
continue to age and
patina, much like natural
wood.  This product is best
suited to clients that can
appreciate its beauty,
flexibility and uniqueness.
R50/OCC information - 50% Recycled Cardboard
Richlite Specifier Manual - please read!
FSC certified colors of Richlite
All projects pictured are from projects we have completed.  No industry standard photos are used.
Slate Black - 3/4" thick
Beautiful kitchen utilizing many "green"
products including Richlite countertops.
Cafe Blue - Heavenly Ski Resort
Lake Tahoe - 1" Sage Green
Take the gondola up the hill and see Richlite aged
in full sun and elements!  We did this job about
seven years ago.  Richlite is great for outdoor
counter top use!  
UPDATE:  This picture shows how much the Sage
Green has aged!  It is so beautiful!
Slate Black - 1" Thick
Full kitchen, peninsula and upper bar top
1-1/4" Slate Black Richlite
Kitchen tops around stove, farm house
sink and upper bar top.
This job is about 7 years old.
1" Indigo with Hi-Macs
solid surface back
splash.  See this job in
This Old House
Merlot - 1-1/2" Thick
Aztec calendar - created after
5 hours on a CNC router
Richlite - Yellow Island
Kitchen tops plus bathroom
(not shown)
Richlite - Yellow Island in
Island with custom routed drain
board in PaperStone
Black Diamond - 1" thick
Full kitchen in one of the new FSC certified
Richlite colors.  Island in solid wood.
Residential Interior Warranty
November 2007
issue of
magazine featured
the Cedar House
Sport Hotel - see
the Merlot Richlite
article and
vacation there
when you can!
These are just a few of the certifications that Richlite holds!
October 2007 issue
This Old House
magazine featured
MAK Design + Build
and a bachelor pad
they remodeled.  We
helped in the kitchen
with Indigo Richlite
and Hi-Macs back
Nutmeg - 3/4" thick
Slate Black - 3/4" thick
Green Mountain - upper bar and
checkerboard backsplash
BioSheild Paint - Herbal Oil #2
Maintaining Richlite:
You do not need to apply any product to maintain
Richlite, however, some of our customers do like a
shinier surface.  Some like a matte finish - so it is really
up to you and the look you desire.
- Richlite has their own Color Enhancer which deepens
the luster of your tops.  The waxes in this product also
help water bead up, which makes spotting on darker
colors less visible.  We can apply this product for you
at an hourly cost, or you can ask us about purchasing
a can for your own use.
- Our customers have been happy with BioSheild Paint
Herbal Oil #2 as it is easier for the
consumer to apply and does a good job of maintaining
a shinier appearance.  The scent is more pleasant
than that of the Color Enhancer and you can buy it
yourself by following the link to the left.
- Whatever you do, make sure you check the main
Richlite web site for full details on maintaining and
caring for your Richlite tops.
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